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About domestic violence

Domestic violence is violence perpetrated by someone from the victim’s domestic circle, such as an (ex-)partner, a family member, a relative or a family friend. The term ‘domestic’ therefore refers to the relationship between those involved, in which there’s always a relationship of dependence between the abuser and the victim. There are many expressions and forms of domestic violence, each of which requires a tailor-made approach. Safe Home has knowledge and experience with all expressions and forms of violence that occur in families and relationships. 

Expressions of Violence

Children, adults and the elderly can fall victim to any expression of violence.

Physical violence

Hitting, kicking, injuring, neglecting and all other physical violence.

Sexual violence

Various forms of sexually undesirable acts, such as assault, rape and incest, as well as subtle forms such as sexual blackmail, compulsory viewing of porn or intimidation. The increase in sex on the Internet leads to new forms of sexual violence, such as coercion into taking nude pictures which are then distributed without permission.

Sexual violence is often accompanied by threats and psychological abuse, such as belittling, calling names, exclusion and blackmail. For example, the abuser threatens with violence if something is not kept secret. Or the victim is assaulted and forced into sexual contact.

Psychological violence

Calling names, humiliating, threatening with violence, destroying property, not letting an adult decide anything, saying mean things about someone, installing fear.

Forms of violence

There are different forms of domestic violence. You can read more about the different forms of domestic violence on the following pages: