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Sexual violence

If someone touches you and it doesn’t feel right, we call it sexual abuse. There are three important things you need to know about this:

It is not your fault

No-one should touch you like that

You can get help; you are not alone

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse means that someone forces or persuades you to do sexual acts. This can be someone you know, or someone you don’t know. For example, they touch your breasts, your buttocks, penis or vagina. Sexual abuse can also happen online, for example if someone forces you to undress in front of a webcam or if he/she shares naked pictures of you. Any child can fall victim to sexual abuse. But remember, it is never the fault of the child.

It is forbidden

Adults and big children shouldn’t do what they do to you. Other people shouldn’t be touching you like that. Or force you to do certain things, either when you’re with them or online. It is your body and yours alone.

It is never your fault

The fact that someone touches you in a sexual way, is never your fault. Yet it can feel that way. Because you didn’t do anything or because you allowed it to happen. But that’s okay. You are a child. You didn’t do anything wrong! It is the fault of whoever touched you. It was his or her idea and he or she started it.

Everything you feel is normal

If someone touched you and it didn’t feel right, it’s perfectly normal to be confused. You can have all kinds of mixed feelings about it. For example, that you like that person. Or that you’re afraid people will find out. Or that you got hard or wet, making it look like you liked it or enjoyed it. Truth is that this is your body’s reaction. You can’t do anything about that. It has nothing to do with you liking it or saying it’s okay.

Can you forget about it?

Many children who have been sexually abused or who have experienced it in the past try to forget about it. They do that by not thinking about it, not talking about it and pretending nothing is wrong. They kind of lead a double life. Sometimes, that doesn’t work well. In fact, they get even more stressed!

Maybe that’s the case for you too. For example, you’re unable to pay attention at school, you get angry easily, you don’t sleep well and simply don’t feel happy inside. If that is happening to you, you should ask for help. Try telling someone about it, no matter how difficult it is. You can of course always call or chat with the Sexual Violence Centre.

Alternatively, you can contact Safe Home by calling 0800-2000 or use the chat service.

What can you do?

Talk about it!

If someone touched you and it didn’t feel right, the first step you can take is to think it over and try to imagine what it would be like to tell someone. Someone you trust and who knows you well.

The next step you can take is to actually tell that person.

Talk to Safe Home

You can tell someone at Safe Home South Limburg, anonymously if you want. You can call us (0800-2000) or chat with us. We’ll listen to you and share our thoughts.

Sexual Violence Centre

You can also tell someone from the Sexual Violence Centre. You can call or chat as many times as you want, without telling your name. And they don’t do anything you don’t want to.

You can call 0800-0188 or chat for free at anonymously.

What happens when I call?

  • We listen to your story
  • You get advice
  • We will look for help together
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The information originates from information provided by the Sexual Violence Centre.